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Petrol Pump Management System

Our product is customized and we have tried our best to provide the best services to our valued customers. We are regularly working on this product to provide updated versions with improved features and functionalities.


Manage Fuel Purchase
Manage Fuel Purchase (T4 & T5)
Manage Lube Purchases
Manage Uniform Orders
Manage Fee Paid
Manage Tank Sale
Manage Meter Sale
Manage Lube Sale
Manage Recovery
Manage Counter Sale
Manage Credit Sale
Manage Duty Expense
Manage Bank Deposition
Manage Club Card Sale
Manage Supplier Payment
Manage Club Card Charging
Manage HC Payment Receiving
Manage Rent Received
Manage Bank To Bank Transaction
Manage Extra Swapping Return
Manage Drawing
Manage Bank Expense
Manage Deduction on Advance Amount
Manage Milli Short Recovery
Manage Products
Manage Discounts
Manage Tanks
Manage Taxes
Manage Meters
Manage Club Card Vehicles
Manage Main & Sub Accounts
Manage Chart Of Accounts
Manage Employees
Manage Tank Charts
Customer Dashboard


Tank Sale Report
Fuel Purchase Report
Fuel Purchase (T4 & T5) Report
Meter Sale Report
T4 & T5 Sale Report
Lube Sale Report
Agency Customers Recovery Report
Club Card Tax income/Cash Report
Hybrid Customer Cash Received Report
Agency Customers Sale Report
Bank Deposition Report
Supplier Payment Report
Advance Given Report
Bank Payer Customers Transactions
Club Card Customers Transactions
Fuel Equivalents Report
Duty Expense Report
CC Discount Expense
Sale Reports
Stock Reports
Trial Balance
Ledgers Reports
Cash Transaction
Customers (Outstanding Amount)
Suppliers (Payable Amounts)
Expenses Reports
Lubes Stock Histories

User Roles

Data Entry Operator

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