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Restaurant Recipe Based​

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Logixx Grid offering Restaurant Management System

Our product is customized and we have tried our best to provide the best services to our valued customers. We are regularly working on this product to provide updated versions with improved features and functionalities.


Manage Your Kitchen Panel
Manage Your Bar Panel
Manage Your Ingredients
Manage Your Food Menu
Manage Your Recipes
Manage Your Post Payment Order
Manage Your Pre Payment Order
Manage Your Running Orders
Manage Your Orders Modification
Manage Your Order Cancelation
Manage Your Dine-In Orders
Manage Your Take Away Orders
Manage Your Delivery Orders
Manage Your Delivery Order charges
Manage Your Delivery Addresses
Manage Your Table with time tracking
Manage Your wastage
Manage Your Ingredients Purchase
Manage Your Steal Protected Inventory
Manage Your Purchase with supplier management
Manage Your Purchase with Due
Manage Your Purchase In Due
Manage Your Purchase with current price
Manage Your Supplier Due Tracking
Manage Your Supplier Due Report
Manage Your Supplier Ledger


Register Report
Daily Summary Report
Food Sale Report
Daily Sale Report
Detailed Sale Report
Consumption Report
Inventory Report
Low Inventory Report
Profit Loss Report
Kitchen Performance Report
Attendance Report
Supplier Ledger
Supplier Due Report
Customer Due Report
Customer Ledger
Purchase Report
Expense Report
Waste Report

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