Complete School & College Management System


Logixx Grid offering a school management system to manage any educational institute schools, colleges, universities, and academies. Manage all your institute requirements including student admissions, fees collection, attendance, homework, and examinations.

You can also manage income, expense, inventory, library, transportation, and hostel. Manage human resources Staff, designations, departments, attendance, payroll, and leave management.

In one sentence, you can manage all your educational business requirements by using our school management product.

There are different user roles to access this application including the administrator, teachers, students, parents, accountant, librarian, and other users. Each and every user can access their own portal.

student access their portal with student login & password. He can check his profile, fee status, class timetable, Attendance, homework, Examination Schedule, and other information related to students.

Parents can access their portals by their login & password and check their children’s school activities and get alerts about the updates

Other users can access their own portals like this. We are also offering to develop and design the educational institute’s online website. Where they can display their institute introduction, mission, vision, values, offered programs, latest news, gallery, and whatever our customers want to display.


Manage Your Front Office
Manage Your Academics
Manage Your Student Information
Manage Your Fee Collection
Manage Your Attendance
Manage Your Homework
Manage Your Download Center
Manage Your Examinations
Manage Your Certificates
Manage Your Human Resource
Manage Your Income
Manage Your Expense
Manage Your Communicate
Manage Your Library
Manage Your Inventory
Manage Your Transport
Manage Your Hostel


Student Report
Guardian Report
Student History
Student Login Credential
Fees Statement
Balance Fees Report
Transaction Report
Attendance Report
Exam Marks Report
Payroll Report
Staff Attendance Report
Homework Report
Student Transport Report
Student Hostel Report

User Roles


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