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Desktop App Development

We are dealing with Desktop App Development. We have sound expertise in both licensed and boxed solutions for variety of platforms in our portfolio. Desktop App Development has the state of the art graphics, computer vision techniques and computational expensive procedures.

We develop desktop applications which are incorporated Windows cross platform applications, Linux/MAC and JavaScript based desktop applications. It reduces the cost of web hosting and allows you to perform actions offline like graphical modeling and art drawing.

We have all in house capabilities which are incorporated UX&UI, Architects and Engineers. We are committed to deliver bug free, user-friendly, responsive and efficient Desktop Application Development Services.

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Usage Cases for Desktop App Framework

There are number of different types of Desktop applications that are in use. Some examples as below

  • Client server Application: This is the application that runs on the computer but it access information from a remote server.
  • Network Applications: Anything that runs on a Network that covered in this type.
  • Standalone Business Application: This is out typical Application that incorporated simple Excel, Word, outlook and some other applications. Any application that make work easy is covered in this category.
  • Collaborative Application: This is the application that number of people use at same time and produce results, like trello desktop software that is used to make to-do list on daily basis.
  • Plugins and Utilities: Anything that help browser or computer to perform more efficiently that is fall in this category.
  • Multimedia Applications: This is a Desktop app that runs videos and music on desktop. iTunes is the best example of this app.
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