Freelancing Mastery

Freelancing Complete Training Course in Bahawalpur

Do you want to start a freelance career? and work from home as a full-time freelancer or manage your part-time freelance career along with your job for extra cash? You need help and guidance to create your profile and setting up your gigs on some of the top freelance websites but don’t know where and how to start? Have you tried setting up your profiles and gigs on freelance websites but never won any jobs and think that something was missing? 

Course Content

  • Introduction to Freelancing
  • Prerequisite to start freelancing
  • Difference between proposal and gigs
  • Getting started with the Fiverr
  • Complete guide on how to make a successful gig
  • Gigs behave differently for each category
  • What are buyer requests?
  • Importance of test
  • How to pass tests on Fiverr
  • Intro to Upwork
  • Make a profile on Upwork
  • How to choose the right category according to your skills
  • Complete your Upwork profile 100%
  • Choose/ search a right project according to your skills
  • How to write a successful proposal
  • Choose the best one for you
  • Payment systems
  • Special guidelines for Upwork and Fiverr
  • Prequitions & Hidden tips
  • Intro to all platforms

Then this course is just for you! Logixx Grid organizes a 6-week long Freelance Training Course as a comprehensive training course to walk you step by step through the process of starting a freelance career from no experience or expertise at all. Learn the secret tips and untold techniques on how you can earn money through different Freelance job sites and be your own boss. This course will be covering World’s top Freelance websites in detail to teach you how you can make money online with no skill or previous experience

Mode of Training

On-Campus / Online

Course Duration

1 Month

Why Logixx Grid

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