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Web Designing & Development

This course allows you to start your career as a full-stack web developer. It covers writing syntactically correct code for the web and creating interactive web experiences with JavaScript and PHP along with other front-end and backend languages and tools. Mastering this range of technologies will allow you to develop high-quality websites/web applications that work seamlessly on the mobile, tablet, and large screen browsers accessible. This course produces your ability to design and implement a responsive site/web application that utilizes tools to create a website or web application available to a broad audience, including those with visual, audial, physical, and cognitive impairments.

Course Outline

Lec #1:

  Intoduction to  HTML5

  Installing Favrite Text Editor for HTML5

  Understanding Tags and Attibutes in hTML5

  HTML5 basic syntax and hello world example

  HTML Tags in HTML5

Lec # 2:

  HTML5 Formatting tags

  special characters in HTML5

  quotation and citation in hTML5

  comments in HTML5

  how to add audio in HTML5


Lec # 3:

 how to add video in HTML5

 Working wth hyperlinks in HTML5

 what is difference between inline and block level Elements

 working with lists in  HTML5

 using colors in HTML5 document

 semantic structural elements in HTML5


Lec # 4:

 Navigation in HTML5

 non-semantic elements in HTML5

 section element in hTML5

 working with forms in HTML5 

 different types of inputs in HTML5

 Choosing between set of options in HTML5


Lec # 5:

 how to create table in HTML5

 do not use table for layouts

 working with canvas in HTML

 API’s in HTML5


Lec # 6:

 Introduction to CSS

 CSS Selectors

 understanding the cascade

 ineritance and specificity

 box model in CSS

 creating a page layout with floats


Lec # 7:

 stying the navigation menu

 overlapping content and transparent backgtound

 styling data tables 

 styling forms

 CSS typography

 using custom web fonts


Lec # 8:

 developer tools -inspect element

 background images

 gradient backgrounds 

 working with cSS sprites

 full-width background fixed width contents

 responsive web design


Lec # 9:

 box shadow in CSS3

 rounded corners in CSS3(border Radius)

 transform in CSS3

  transition in CSS3

  animations in CSS3


Lec # 10:

 creating slideshow part 1

 Creating Slideshow Part 2


 hide contents on click tap 

 open image in  modal window gallery

 learning about feature detection

 learning browser device testing


Lec # 11:

 introducation to javaScript

 setup enviornment for hello world

 what s literals,variables & constants

 primitive data type

 object data type

 what is starting type

 if and else statement(conditional statement)

 switch case statement


Lec # 12:

 while loop

 do while loop

 for loop

 insted for loop

 for in loop

 for of loop


Lec # 13:

 what is expression

 what is operator in brief

 comparison operators

 strict and abstract equality

 logical operators

 bitwise operator


Lec # 14:

 assignment operator

 type of and grouping other operators

 destructing assignment operator

 operator precedence

 array and object operator

 condition, instance of  and delete operator


Lec # 15:

 jump statement 

 continue and return jump statement

 what is functions & how to use it

 working with functions arguments

 what is anontmous function & where to use it

 what is arrow notation & how to create arrow function 

 in ES6

 what is destructing arguments 

 understanding variable scope in javaScript

 global vs block scoping


Lec # 16:

 what is closure in javaScript

 understanding what is iIFE and learn how create IIFE

 Difference between lET and VAR

 what is array how to create it & how to use it

 adding and removing array element from array

 slice() and splice() array methods

 ES6 copywithin() and Fill() method

 what is map() and What can you do wth map()function


Lec # 17:






Lec # 18:










Lec # 19:





    CSS class




Lec # 20:







Lec # 21:

 introduction to bootStrap

 working with containers

 working with grid

 working with typography

 working with colors

 working with tables


Lec # 22:

 working with images

 working with jumbotron

 working with alert

 working with buttons

 working with button groip

 working with badges


Lec # 23:

 working with porgress bar

 working with spinners

 working with pagination

 working with list group

 working with cards

 working with dropdowns


Lec # 24:

 working with collaps

 working with navs

 working with navbar

 working with froms

 working with inputs

 working with input groups


Lec # 25:

 working with custom forms

 working with carousel

 working with model

 working with tooltip

 working with popover

 working with toast


Lec # 26:

 working with scrollspy

 working with utilities

 working with flex

 working with icons

 working with media ojects

 working with filters

 working with grid extra


Lec # 27:

    introduction to PHP

    Learn how to install PHP

    basic PHP syntax with hello world example

    how to add cimments in pHP

    what Are variables in PHP

    what is echo/print in PHP


Lec # 28:

     learn what is data types in PHP

     what is strings in pHP

     working with numbers

     working with math

     learn the constants in PHP

     working with operators


Lec # 29:

     learn what is if..else..else if statements

     working with switch statement

     working with loops

     learn what is function in PHP

     working with arrays  

     learning superglobaks in PHP

     learn what is RegEx


Lec # 30:

     introduction to MYSQL

     Learn how to intall SQL

     Learn what is Select statement

     learn whati is select distinct statement

     working with where clause

     learning and , oR and nOT operator


Lec # 31:

     work with ORDER by keyword

     learn with INSERT into statement

     working with nULL values

     learn what is UPDATE statment in MYSQL

     Learn What Is DELETE Statment In MYSQL

     working with sELECT tOP clause14600

Lec # 32:

     learn what is MIN and MAX functions

     learn what is COUNT, AVG , SUM functions

     working with wildcard characters

     learn what is iN operator

Lec # 33:

     learn what are aliases in MYSQL

     working with joins

      learn with joins 

      learn about INNER JOIN keyword

      Learn About LEFT JOIN keyword

      Learn About  RIGHT JOIN keyword

      Learn About FULL JOIN keyword

      Learn About  SELF JOIN keyword


Lec # 34:

    Learn What is UNION Operator in MySQL do while loop

    Learn about GROUP BY Statement

    Working with HAVING Clause

    Learn about EXISTS Operator

    Learn What is ANY and ALL Operators in MySQL

    Working with SELECT INTO Statement


Lec # 35:

    Learn about INSERT INTO SELECT Statement

    Working with CASE Statement

    Learn What are NULL Functions

    Learn about Stored Procedures

    Learn how to add Comments in MySQL

    Learn Use of Operators in MySQL


Lec # 36:

What is Domain?

What is Hosting?

How you can purchase Domain & Hosting?

domain & hosting?

How to get free Domain & Hosting? operator precedence



Starting From

Feb 01, 2022

Duration: 3 Month

Mode of Training

Online & Face 2 Face

Course Details

Fee Structure

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